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Throughout history there has been one innovation after another in the baking industry, some by accident and some by design. During the Exodus from Egypt the Torah recounts that a new ugot matzot or unleavened cake was unintentionally created. In their haste to leave behind the shackles of Egyptian bondage, the Israelites baked their dough in the desert sun. This resulted in the tradition of eating Matzah during Pesach. The discovery of a category of breads that are flat and unleavened led to another development: Pita Bread. Levana Bake'ry offers an impressive range of bakery products including: breads, rolls, bagels, baguettes, buns, pizzas, pitas, wraps, croissants, cakes, cookies, crackers, muffins, biscuits, wafers, pies, donuts, scones, crullers, Danishes, pancakes, cereals, pretzels, etc.

Levana Bakery Limited is owned by Mayside Partners Limited, a venture capital company based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Kosher Bakery Company Based In Scotland

Everything we bake or create, from Bagels to Babka is Kosher. Levana Bakery operates corporate owned stores, supply wholesale customers and grant licenses for our brand. If you'd like to franchise a local store or acquire the Master Franchise rights for a region or country, contact us by Tel: 0131 356 0055 Mob: 07868780709 by Fax: 0131 202 0620 or simply use the link below.

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